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Urban Analytics and Interventions Research Lab (uLab) aims to apply urban analytics to longitudinal outcomes from large-scale interventions in cities (e.g., new metro lines, large-block gated communities, urban renewal). Using rigorous research designs such as natural experiments, we focus on providing causal evidence on social, economic and health impacts from urban development projects


Dr. Guibo Sun

Assistant Professor |


"My research interest lies in causal inference in urban interventions’ social and health effects. My ongoing research revolves around three main themes: urban redevelopment and social and health impacts of older people; new metro, active travel and wider health effects; street and public space interventions linked with long-term changes. The three research themes cover different types of urban interventions (e.g., complex interventions, short-term actions)."

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Dr. Eun Yeong Choe

Postdoc Fellow |

PhD Sheffield

"My research interests focus on the ways in which different people experience, interact with, understand nature, and the desire to see a more holistic approach to planning and designing urban greenspace and green structure for public health and wellbeing. I was trained in sociology, housing design and landscape architecture"


Dr. Jinshuo Wang

Postdoc Fellow |

PhD Radboud

"My research interests focus on exploring the relationships among transport infrastructure provision, land value capture, and urban development from the perspectives of urban governance and institutionalism. I received research training in urban planning, human geography, and public administration"

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Jianting Zhao

PhD student | 


"My research interest lies in big data spatial analysis, tactical urbanism, and natural experiments for practice-based evidence. Before the academic career, I had experience in landscape architecture, urban big data analysis, and project managing."

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Yao Du

PhD student |  


"My research interests focus on public transport and urban redevelopment and their health impact on older people in Hong Kong. Before starting a doctoral degree, I had three-year working experience as a research assistant in sociology and housing studies."


Dongsheng He

PhD student |  

M.Phil Cambridge

“My research interest lies in sustainable development of urban rail transit in high-density cities, covering aspects of land economy, social well-being, and urban design and morphology. My master thesis was about urban greenery and housing price, using a big data approach."


Scarlet Tong

PhD student |  

M.S.AUD Columbia

“My research interest seeks to understand the challenges of navigability of elders in Hong Kong and how those obstacles will affect their ability to benefit from the city's walkability efforts. My master's research focuses on urban heat island effects and walkable green infrastructure in the NY region."

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Ruikang Lin

PhD student |


“My research interests lie in the collaborative process and muti-stakeholder dialogue in the context of urban interventions, and I seek to combine professional planning and local knowledge. I had training in urban design and regional planning from Hong Kong and applied social sciences from Canada." 

Advisory Board

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