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Jinkun Shen


“My research focuses on urban renewal, high-density urban design, housing research, and age-friendly housing. I have experience in architectural design and urban planning before pursuing my PhD."

Current Research

Jinkun's current research analyzes the impact of urban renewal on the mental and physical health of older adults under the context of "Double ageing". She focuses on urban housing areas, communities, and their spatial planning treatments. She employs a mixed quantitative and qualitative approach and use natural experiments to compare differences in physical activities and mental health status of older adults to help create more age-friendly housing and community environments under urban renewal.

Selected Publications

Shen, J. (2022). Analysis on the Human-Oriented Urban Design, Urban and Rural Studies, 2022 (7), 421

Shen, J. (2022). Brief Analysis on the Five Senses Design in Architecture, Architectural Practice, 2022 (7), 105-106

Shen, J. (2022). Renewal and rebirth - Research on the Renewal and Renovation of Jinan Chengfeng Flour Mill, Urban and Rural Studies, 2022 (3), 201-203

Shen, J. (2022). Reflections On the Concept of Low-Carbon Architecture Design, Architecture and electricity, 2022 (7), 86

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