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Urban Analytics Studio

Course Coordinator: Dr Guibo Sun

Instructor: Dr Kenneth Tang

Tutor: Jiating Zhao

This studio introduces students to spatial analytics of urban data and demonstrates how these geospatial technologies can be employed in solving urban problems. Students learn conceptual frameworks, methodologies, and software tools, as well as applied cases for urban data analytics. Students are also introduced to multimedia, data visualization, and interactive mapping.

The studio has 24 sections, two hours each, as a combination of theory and hands-on tutorials. Commercial and open-source GIS software will be taught, but we focus on fundamental software-independent spatial thinking skills, which will make urban studies and planning students better users of planning-related spatial information.

Students can master a useful set of operations in website making, urban filming and editing, and GIS, and apply them to solve urban issues in their individual and group projects.                                     

Group project presentation

Sample student work

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