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Urban Analytics Studio

Course Coordinator and Instructor: Dr Guibo Sun

Instructor: Dr Kenneth Tang

Tutor: Jiating Zhao

two-way connection between research and teaching

This studio introduces students to spatial analytics of urban data and demonstrates how these geospatial technologies can be employed in solving urban problems. Students learn conceptual frameworks, methodologies, and software tools, as well as applied cases for urban data analytics. Students are also introduced to multimedia, data visualization, and interactive mapping.

Our teaching philosophy focuses on challenging students to develop new thought patterns, perspectives, knowledge, competencies, and skills when analysing urban issues in the planning fields through embedding spatial and critical thinking in the problem formulation and solution. Our studio teaching creates a two-way connection with research: students benefit from being taught by an active researcher who innovates new ways and methods into course materials and goals; in reciprocal, teaching makes us better researchers with broadened knowledge and perspectives.

The group project, for example, is derived from our research project on street experiments. In this studio, 3-4 students are assigned to one city to study how the street experiments may have influenced the neighborhoods. Through this project, students acquire spatial analytical skills and communication skills to prepare them for future studies.                                

Group project presentation

Sample student work

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