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Workshops and symposiums

The platform shares research in field and natural experiments in planning, property, housing, transport and health.

Housing, Transport, Health / 8 & 17 June 2022

Field and natural experiments are becoming an exciting field in urban planning and land economy research. For this joint seminar, we have four speakers and two discussants, who cover the diverse research related to behavioural interventions, school zone planning, housing market, urban rail transit, and healthy ageing.

8 June 2022, 5-7 pm (HKT)
Speakers: Prof. Kelvin Wong; Dr. Christina Li
Discussant: Dr. Ozge Oner

26 May 2021, 5-7 pm (HKT)
Speakers: Prof. Helen Bao; Dr. Guibo Sun
Discussant: Prof. Chris Webster




HKU-Cambridge Joint Seminar series 2021

Field and Natural Experiments

Planning, Property, Health / 8 & 17 June 2021

For the first joint seminar, we have discussed on the use of randomized controlled trial and natural experiments in urban planning and health research. 

21 May 2021, 5-7 pm (HKT)
Speakers: Dr. Christina Li; Dr. Eun Yeong Choe
Discussant: Prof. Chris Webster

26 May 2021, 5-7 pm (HKT)
Speakers: Prof. Andreas Kontoleon; Dr. Guibo Sun
Discussant: Dr. Zhaoyang Liu

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