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Jinshuo Wang

Postdoc Fellow |


"My research interests focus on exploring the relationships among transport infrastructure provision, land value capture, and urban development from the perspectives of urban governance and institutionalism. I received research training in urban planning, human geography, and public administration"

Current Research

Jinshuo is investigating institutional frameworks structuring urban rail investments in China's Greater Bay Area. She examines how governance and financing influence transit-oriented development implementation through comparative policy analysis.

A core focus is empirically assessing the region's social and health impacts of TOD. By quantitatively evaluating lived experience indicators, Dr. Jinshuo seeks to elucidate the differential influences of integrated transport-urban planning on well-being and livability. She aims to discern effective infrastructure-urbanization coordination models to generate policy insights for sustainable urbanization.

Selected Publications

Wang, J., Samsura, D. A. A., & van der Krabben, E. (2019). Institutional barriers to financing transit-oriented development in China: Analyzing informal land value capture strategies. Transport Policy, 82, 1-10.

Wang, J., Samsura, D. A. A., & van der Krabben, E. (2020). Negotiating Integrated Land and Transport Development: A Simulation Gaming Approach to Innovative Value Capture Mechanisms in China. Planning Practice & Research, 35(3), 231-250.

Wang, J., Gao, F., Tang, P., et al. (2021). Will the increase in local land-based revenues lead to an improvement in environmental quality? An empirical study through the lens of land finance in China. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, 1-28.

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