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Lirrey (Ruikang) Lin


“My research interests lie in the collaborative process and muti-stakeholder dialogue in the context of urban interventions, and I seek to combine professional planning and local knowledge. I had training in urban design and regional planning from Hong Kong and applied social sciences from Canada."

Current Research

Lirrey is interested in applying socio-political and planning theories to urban intervention practices. His current research involves building up an action-oriented theory of communicative arena, bridging social theories (communicative rationality) and theories of action (public participation in urban renewal).

Lirrey seeks to make both theoretical and empirical contributions to the field. His empirical study on public participation in urban renewal will involve a systematic triangulation of perspectives (researcher, planning professional, and layman) grounded on a pragmatistic philosophy.

Lirrey is currently a co-investigator of a uLab-funded project: “When Later Life Faces Urban Redevelopment.” He is also a coordinator of NURSS in the Department of Urban Planning and Design, HKU.

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